Friday, 5 December 2014

Favourite Free and Paid Planner Printables

A friend of mine requested if I could list down a few of my favourite planner printables as she is just starting out with using a planner herself. I thought it was a good idea to turn it into a blog post, that way it is archived somewhere in cyberland and it's probably a lot easier to refer to in the future.

I won't be covering supplementary printables, such as menu or household cleaning plans because I have blogged about them separately. I will focus more on daily or weekly formats in this post.

  • Philofaxy - This is probably the best place to start. You will find loads of different formats for various planner sizes. I believe the Word doc is editable and you can customise the pages further to suit your needs.
  • Ms. Wenduhh - I really like her Pastel WO2P inserts and printed them in pocket size (as shown in the photo above) for my new pocket planners. She also has quite a few different formats available. Wonderful stuff!
  • My Life All In One Place - This is another amazing place for free planner printables. Very useful if you're looking for no-frills type of inserts.
  • StudioL2E - Not only am I a huge fan of her fabulous planner stamps, but I really like the printables she created too. They are currently offered in personal size only but I think the A5 would be available soon.
  • Piaric - This is a good place to have a look if you want ready-made refills. The prices are pretty reasonable. I've seen a lot of happy Piaric customers and the inserts look really nice too. At the moment, she only does orders through the Facebook page.
  • Miss Tiina (Etsy) - I came across Miss Tiina's blog when I was starting out with using planners and was immediately attracted to the colourful inserts. She offers a few free printables on her blog too.
  • DIY Fish (Etsy) - Fish is the creator of the popular Life Mapping System and there are refills to suit all types of planners. Her inserts are very popular amongst the planning crowd but is a bit busy for my own personal use. I do admire her system though, it's very well thought out and structured.
  • Cute Organizing (Etsy) - I am a very big fan of Sachiko's adorable dividers and purchased a pocket set. She offers printable monthly and daily/weekly refills in her shop too.
  • Lime Tree Fruits - I really like Raine's artwork and her printable inserts are lovely! She was featured on my blog just last Friday :-) And if you purchase her planner set, you'd get to join her secret Facebook group! Exciting stuff!
  • Mrs Brimbles (Etsy) - Who can forget the fab Mrs. B? She was the first person I interviewed in the Friday Feature and I had a blast reading her response. Her Etsy shop is filled with all sorts of goodies and there are quite a few printables available too.

I normally print on pre-punched and pre-cut blank papers that I got from various local bookstores. Each stack is quite inexpensive and cost less than RM10. I have also setup a "Personal" and "Pocket" page layout on my Macbook so they are resized to print correctly. Philofaxy has a very thorough guideline for printing your own diary pages but I followed Ms Wenduhh's tips as I'm a Mac user.

Do you have a favourite planner printable? What about designing your own printable? Do pop in a share your thoughts and feel free to include a link (to the printable) in the comment area.