Sunday, 26 April 2015

Printables for Your Traveler's Notebook

I have been very happy using pre-made traveler's notebook planner inserts and you can view a more in-depth comparison in my video here. But I thought of listing down several fantastic online resources that offer free printables as an alternative.
  • My Life All In One Place - Ray offers quite an extensive collection of free printables for nearly all requirements. I'd recommend starting here if you're looking for planner inserts.
  • MsWenduhh Plans - Wenda shares many wonderful printables. I am already a fan of her printables for ring binders and am so happy that she has started offering them for traveler's notebooks too. She even has an extensive tutorial on how to print, cut and resize the inserts to fit into your traveler's notebook.
  • Morgan Le Fae's Trinkets - Not only is Monique very talented in custom-making unique traveler's notebook style leather covers but she also provides a few free printables that you can use. The link to Dropbox can be found in her post but it takes a while for the templates to load so do be patient.
  • The Mint Green Polkadot - I've been following Andrea's blog since she started and really enjoy her art work and creativity. She offers only one traveler's notebook printable but it's a really good one for bullet journaling if you're into that.
If you're looking for paid options, there are loads on Etsy and I cannot finish listing all of them. The one I see many folks recommend is DIY Fish Inserts and she has an extensive range of the Life Mapping system.

What do you use in your traveler's notebook and how do you like it? Do let me know if I have missed any more resources out (non-Etsy) as I'd love to add the links to this post so it can act as a reference in the future.